#510 EDT Pro CJ Robson

Won the CEWO Pro Main Event

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blood celebrated their wedding on Friday Evening at Pine Lake Raceweay

#0 Colton Wickersham with #25 Charlie Creech in chase

2nd : Damian King          1st: Brad Riley               3rd: CJ Robson

Pro-am 400/450 Podium

#64 Darin Ogden

Won Pro-Lite Main

CEWO Pro Class Podium

3rd:  Mitch Reynolds        1st: CJ Robson                 2nd: Brad Riley

Women's Podium

1st: Melissa Torchio

2nd: Andrea Creech

3rd: Paula Kwiek

Supermini Class

1st: Joey Mickley

2nd: Tanner Terry

3rd: Jesse Hickman