Any Youth 18 years and younger must wear a Helmet at all times when operating or driving any pit vehicle, motorcycle, or atv while at any NEEDT event, which includes in the pit area, on tracks property, heading to and from the track area, and while racing. No operator under16 years or younger can operate a pit vehicle during an event. All riders 16 years old must have an state issued driver's license to  operate any golf cart, UTV, or like pit vehicle also at all events. The safety of riders and all persons in pit is a priority.  This goes in accordance with state, local and national l laws and rules  and according to all insurance regulations or requirements that are to be followed.
All Pit vehicles and atvs must remain at walking speed or below 5mph while traveling thru the pit area at all events. Speeding in Pit area can result in removal from the event and banned from any further series event. 
Failure to abide by the above rules may result in disqualification for any event and being asked to leave the track property.  No one may ride a pedal bike in the pit area while racing is taking place.
The safety of all Parties in the Pit Area is a priority.

Number Plates

Any Rider who participates in the "Pro" Class is Required to run a Blue Colored Background front and rear Number Plate. A Red Background is Recommended for any Rider who is the current Champion, if they decide to run the #1 Plate the following season in the Class that they are the reigning Champion in and still eligible to run that class according to rules.  No other rider can use the #1 in any class unless they are the current class Champion. Otherwise All number plates should be white or black wih contrasting either black or white numbers only. No rider shall use any other colors for plates while participaing in a NEEDT Event. Blue Plates with white numbers are only allowed for riders that are participating in the EDT Pro Class, EDT Pro-am classes and the 3 Wheeler Pro-am Class. The use of letters or slashes is prohibited. Failure to have a number plate could result in rider being disqualified

See rules regarding number plate. The use of letters is highly discouraged. All Numbers must be same size and readable.

Rider Registration and release form for Pine lake Raceway ONLY



2024 NE EDT Class Rules and Procedures

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2024 Rules subject to change up until April 1st, 2025

All UTV, 3 Wheelers and ATV's Must run smooth tires. Knobby Tires only permitted in Novice Class or Youth 50cc Class

Example: Maxxis TT, Hoosier, American Racer, Etc.

Rider Registration and release form

Short Track Event Registration and Release Form

Pit Vehicle Rules and Requirements:

Additional Rules to Apply for Supermoto Event:

- Catch Cans are recommended for any liquid. Any ATV, 3 wheeler, 6 wheeler or SXS found leaking any fluid will be DSQ and not allowed to participate due to possible safety issue. 

- All participants must have have full motocross gear or leathers.  Leathers is highly recommended. No short sleeves are allowed. No exposed skin anywhere is allowed

- Chest protector is required for all particiants. Or protection that protects the spine.

- Neck braces are highly recommended safety requirement for this event

- Boots are required and must rise above ankles and not fasten using laces. Motocross boots are recommended

- For gloves heavy duty leather racing gloves are highly recommended to protect hands in a crash. Motocross gloves are permitted but racing gloves with amored knuckles are an added safety. 

- Make sure your leathers suit has spline, knee, and elbow armor built in.

- Helmet are required which have met Sneel safety requirements and full face protection is required. Motocross helmets are considered full face