Mailing Address:

New East Extreme Dirt Track Inc.

PO Box 36

Trafford, PA 15085

  • All minors under 18 must complete a separate Minor Release form separetely
  • Link to Minor Release to print: Click Here    Form should be notarized and can be mailed to series or provided to official at event. Must be completed to participate. One release, if notarized, is required for entire season.  Parents must be present at all events.
  • All riders must complete and sign a series release form for 2021   Click Here   Once Signed Bring to Event.  This release Must be completed to participate in any event.  
  • All Riders that Pre-register are elligible for $10 Gift Card thru Rocky Mountain ATV  For more information and requirements Click Here for detailed Information.  Riders that Pre-register are ONLY elligible for this program for an additional saving off class registration for the Rocky Mountain added Bonus and value.   
  • Rider on-line registration a service fee is charged by Trackside, who operates the on-line registration system. It is $1 plus 1.5%. That fee is non-refundable.
  • Registration is also available at the Event in person.  In person registration will take place the day prior to event. Exact Change is required and all must follow social distance guidelines when registered. Only the rider or a parent or guardian of a minor may be in line. Please print all releases and registration forms found on event page prior to arrival.  Bring your own pen.
  • Rider #'s (See Rules) All riders that participated in a class the prior season automatically have their # reserved. It is not first to register. Add a digit not a slash if another rider has your number. Change on number plate accordingly 
  • Go to Event Page on website for detailed information regarding each event or find in Event pages on Facebook
  • Optional Practice if Track is offering will be handled by Track at Event.  So there is no confusion if an Optional Practice is offered the series is not part of or involved.
  • This Registration does NOT include a Pit Pass.  If Track is offering Pit Pass Pre-registration please refer to event information page for details.
  • Questions can go to Facebook and use message service on series page or e-mail.   See below for links for contact
  • When you sign up make sure you are entering the correct class you qualify for.  Go to Rules Page for clarification. Questions should be asked PRIOR to registration.  Once registered keep a copy of receipt and record after pre-registration and bring to event.

On-Line Registration Link

Click Here

Can also register at event: Read Below

Release Required to Enter Event:

Click here

Please print and sign and bring to event and leave at gate when entering pit