For Northern and Southern Rounds as Noted Below the Series Rewards The Top Point Leader for these rounds as the Northern or Southern Champion. All other awards are based solely on the National Schedule

Southern Rounds

1) Round 1  Goldsboro, North Carolina

2) Round 2 Kinston, North Carolina

3) Round 3 Kinston, North Carolina

Northern Rounds

1) Round 4  Geneva, New York

2) Round 5 Ashtabula, Ohio

3) Round 6 Hamlin, Pennsylvania

4) Round 7 Ashtabula, Ohio

2018 EDT Nationals  (TT Schedule)

  1. Round 1: Sat. April 21st Goldsboro, North Carolina
  2. Round 2: Sat. May 26th Kinston, North Carolina
  3. Round 3: Sun. May 27th Kinston, North Carolina
  4. Round 4: Sat. June 9th Geneva, New York
  5. Round 5: Sat. and Sun. July 21st-22nd Ashtabula, Ohio (Daytime Event)
  6. Round 6 Sat. Aug. 18th Hamlin, Pennsylvania
  7. Round 7: Sat. & Sun (Daytime Event) 2 days Sept. 15th-16th Ashtabula, Ohio

2018 Short Track Nationals

  1. Round 1: Friday April 20th Goldsboro, North Carolina
  2. Round 2: Friday June 8th  Geneva, New York
  3. Round 3: Friday August 17th  Hamlin, Pennsylvania

All times and dates subject to Change. Start times may change based upon weather and other factors. Please follow us thru Facebook for last minutes changes and updates if needed prior to an event.

Track Information and also Detailed Event information Please go to Track Page:  Click here

Special Exhibition Classes to be offered at Pine Lake Raceway

SXS Exhibition Classes will only be offered at Hamlin Speedway & Paradise Speedway during Short Track Nationals & Pine Lake Raceway during TT Event. 
No SXS Classes will be offered thru the NE EDT at Busco Beach ATV Park or Kinston, NC