3 Wheeler Legend Dean Sundahl

Brad Riley

Won the EDT Pro Class,

Pro-am 400/450

and Pro-am Unlimited

Main Events

Pro-Lite Podium

1st: Harry Andress

2nd: Brad Mickley

3rd: Timon Davis

Some of the Women Gathering Before the Main Event

Women's Class Podium
1st: Megan Shepherd
2nd: Andrea Creech
3rd: Paula Kwiek

Pro-am 400/450 Podium

2nd: CJ Robson                                  1st: Brad Riley                                      3rd: Garrett Keister

ATV Legend Cory Ellis

Top EDT Pro Qualifier

Jon Stierle

Open C Class Start - Main Event

Grabbing the

Riley would regain the lead as the race


Came to the end